soo ms on...soo ima need for yu to get on!! lol

-no you not . 

- this is the ONLY way i can contact this damn girl , lmao MESHA get on AIM when you can liddo one ,

im on....get on.... ;)

this not working out too well lol .

s0oo once again where yu at?? lol

give me a time nxt time yu gona be on there!!

thanks hehe ;)

umm , NOW !

soo mz diaz did u want me online?? lol

whea yu at???

be on tonight if you can .

you know what i need you to do if you free , lol .

i need you to get on AIM lol

everybody else , i honestly have 76 messages in my inbox i will start replying in a few !

When I First Turned 18 I Dreamed Of That Guy … BUT One Day I Did Find This Guy , This Guy Who Would Move The Hair From In Front Of My Eyes Then Kiss Me. Hold My Hand At The Mall And Make All The Girls Jealous. He Would [Sing] To Me At Random Moments. A Guy Who Would Get Mad If Someone Called Me Ugly Or Be Disrespectful To Me. He Called Me More Than 3 Times A Day When He Went Away. He Would Let Me Gossip To Him And Smile And Agree To Everything I Said. He Would Throw Stuffed Animals At Me When I Acted Dumb Then Kiss Me A Million Times. He Who Would Make Fun Of Me Just To Make Me Laugh. He Would Take Me To The Beach And Put His Hands Around My Waist And Give Me Plenty Hugs All Throughout The Day. He Would Tell All His Friends About Me And Smile When He Did It.  Never One Of The Guys Who Were Afraid To Make Out In The Pouring Rain. He Would Never Be Afraid To Say “I Love You” In Front Of His Friends. Argue About Silly Things Just To Make Up. I Wanted Someone Who Would Kiss Me At Midnight On New Years & Count Stars With Me. Who Would Stay Home With Me On Friday Night Just To Atleast TRY To Help Me Make Dinner & Watch Movies Under The Same Blanket. Someone Who Would Tell Me I’m Beautiful But Not Too Often. Who Would Make Me Laugh Like No One Else Could. But Mostly, I Wanted Someone Who Could Be My Best Friend & Never Break My Heart. THANKFULLY, I Found Him & He Can’t NEVER BE REPLACED. <3 . Cameron J. T.

Anonymous asked:

why dnt u follow any of your followers back? i think thats very rude!

i think it’s rude that your anonymous but you don’t see my complaining too much do you ?

, honestly if you didn’t ask this question “anonymously” ; you probably would have got followed back =)


i love how Bow Wow & Chris Brown says “aint thinkin bout you” is the anthem for men ,

it can be an anthem for women also ,

change the words “girls” to “niggas” , change the women to “niggas” , hell change ALL THAT to “niggas” ,

( EXCEPT ] , when Bow says “bitches” , ladies we can keep that word in there because niggas act like bitches nowadays anyway , soo … yeah lol .

btw ; what’s up tumblr ? haha .

Opaque  by  andbamnan